Company Constitution

incorporation of S.R.L. and S.P.A. sworn and apostilled translation of Italian corporate documents in the case of foreign legal entities. Mergers, acquisitions, company transfers, opening of branches, secondary offices, tax domiciliation, representations, etc. Corporate consulting in general with particular attention to Italian tax regulations (transfer price, CFC, Bersani law, etc.)


Assistance with company start-up

due diligence, full inspection of the assets of the Bulgarian company to be acquired - in whole or in part, filing of documents and procedures for licences and permits, assistance in commissioning the property for commercial or industrial purposes, application and submission of operating permits and, in general, any kind of cooperation until the permits come into force and the start of operations, during the start-up or operating period.

Accounting and tax assistance

Monthly VAT settlement (compulsory), bank and cash management, intrastat, drafting quarterly statements in Italian, tax warehouse management (compulsory), final balance sheets with attachments and tax returns (natural and legal persons), employment consultancy. Payroll management.

Legal, financial and tax advice

includes the possibility of constant assistance in all matters concerning the business, on regulations in the relevant field, verification of local partners, constant information on tax legislation, drafting of commercial, agency, representation, rental, contracting, mandates, etc. contracts. Assistance with relations with banks, leasing and finance companies. Debt collection.

Marketing consultancy

  • Development of marketing strategies
  • SEO optimisation
  • Explore your audience on the Internet
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Analysis of websites
  • Building sites and blogs

Personnel research and recruitment

the service includes advertisements in the main selection channels in Bulgaria, acceptance and analysis of CVs, first selection interview and a sufficient number of candidates for a technical meeting with a delegated representative of the client concerned.

Other services

  • European funds: assistance, feasibility studies for applying for European funds.
  • Availability of a trustee on site, or a delegate with notary power of attorney to manage the ordinary administration and representation of the company before local institutions .
  • Business activities: business partner selection activities, research of products, raw materials, goods to and from Bulgaria, market research. Commercial representation. Marketing activities, advertising, creation of logos, websites.
  • Real estate activity: search for property for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural use. Checking liens, mortgages, documents proving ownership, drafting of preliminary contracts. Condominium and rental management.
  • Assistance for construction and/or renovation: Construction management, SAL supervision, control of investment budgets, site accounting.
  • Domiciliation at our offices (registered office), secretarial services, Bulgarian/Italian/English/French interpreting, document translation, sworn translation or translation before a public official, provision of work space with or without an interpreter.